Sophia Thakur

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Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
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Sophia Thakur

Sophia Thakur is one of the most recognizable figures in UK performance poetry today. With two TED Talks, over 14,000 YouTube followers, and a rapidly growing Instagram and overall social media presence, she has been described as “this generation's first poetry influencer”. A poet, model, and motivational speaker, her work resonates with disenfranchised youth, highlighting racial and social injustice. 

Somebody Give This Heart a Pen, available Fall 2020, is Thakur’s first published work. A stirring collection of coming-of-age poems exploring the issues of identity, difference, perseverance, relationships, fear, loss, and joy. The poems draw on the author’s experience as a young mixed-race woman trying to make sense of a lonely and complicated world. The book offers a strong narrative voice and emotional empathy that will resonate with all young people, whatever their background or dreams. 

Thakur has completed three global, sold-out tours, performed at the Glastonbury Festival, and has collaborated with MTV, BET, Samsung, and Nike. She is a youth ambassador for the betterment of young black girls and has worked with many charities, including Cancer Research UK.



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